400000 marry beauty girlfriend back I regret heartbroken


400000 marry beauty girlfriend back I regret heartbroken

net friend letter:

teacher xia, how are you. I’m from the university beginning be in love with his girlfriend, girlfriend is very pretty, is the Venus of our institute, in order to chase after her, I was also spend a lot of attention. To spend money let her roommate to help introduce not only, and still adhere to send her a gift every week. Then after her simply because she is very beautiful, if we can catch up with her, I will be particularly have face in front of your friends. But later she agreed to contact, I really in love with her.

condition is good, my family was in college, my parents gave me a month’s living expenses have QiBaQian, nearly half of the money, I have spent on her. At ordinary times, she dressed beautifully dressed in school, very have temperament. & have spent

contact, she said that her parents are doing business, but I feel her relationship with their parents should be not so good, she hardly made a phone call to her parents in front of me. Every time the holiday, she stay in school, also don’t go home. She always said that she wanted to self-reliance, to make money by yourself. At that time, his girlfriend is a magazine model, occasionally meet some single, earn money, she mostly bought their clothes and cosmetics.

in the university, we dating for two years, a year after the work, I proposed marriage to her. Although she said yes, but the meet the parents graces have been looking for excuse. I took her home to meet my parents, my parents put forward looking for relatives have dinner together discuss the wedding ceremony, she said her parents busy doing business, can call communication.

at the time, I feel very strange, business busy, daughter of a lifetime of happiness do parents should be able to spare the time, why do you want to telephone communication? Later I also agree to telephone communication, telephone but no success, everything is I and her two personal communication, luster, our family gave her 400000. Until the wedding, I didn’t see her parents. She brought her parents introduce to us, it seems that she is not very close relationship with her parents, but her parents wearing it looks like it’s pretty rich.

half way through the wedding ceremony, a man claiming to be wearing a down and out her adoptive father rushes in. Looked at the man, she seemed very nervous, hurriedly to deny said he only biological parents no adoptive father. But the man suddenly kneel on the floor, towards her said: dad you raised as a child, would rather oneself do not have enough to eat, also want to let you have a good, let you wear warm, eat sweet. But, you’re married now, don’t dad? Shake, she explained to me: I don’t have a father, I since the childhood is raised by my parents.

she look for a person to pull him out, but the man left, she began to cry. I asked her what happened, she began to tell me the truth. She said she was a child is born, biological parents abandon she is a girl, took her to the adoptive father.

adoptive father home poor, in order to raise she did not seek a wife, worked so hard to earn money for a lifetime, but let her buy good with good. Even, beginning in elementary school, she see her adoptive father are not allowed to go to school. Yes, she abandon adoptive father was poor and short, she is afraid of other people looking at her with strange eyes, more don’t like others to talk behind her.

she took my arm and said, crying because you are so good, I’m afraid your parents opposed, so just lie and say my parents are doing business. I want to tell you frankly, but there has been no courage, afraid you leave me. When you wanted to marry me, I don’t want to let you see my bad side, so I through all sorts of way to find my own parents, I asked them to a wedding, for they recognize me so one day. I’m in the wrong, but I really like you & hellip; & hellip;

in the face of the fact that I don’t know what should say at once. Exchanges the three years, she is pretty decent, forever is the appearance of bright, let a person feel only her family condition is very good. But behind her, unexpectedly have a willing to give everything for her adoptive father, I don’t know should shouldn’t blame her. But, her adoptive father on a raised her so many years, so cold, so cold, is really love me?

summer teacher, what should I do? Marry such a to marry me, and raising his adoptive father disowned woman? Still, everyone has self-esteem, I to marry she spent so much time cost and material cost, said not to marry, don’t marry? Though, now she wants the adoptive father took it live together, but I think she did like the show, I feel get along with her, really very tired.

I’m very contradictory, don’t know why I feel she’s not real, recently always feel that she is to marry me for money, feel her vanity and material, I can’t believe her, even should think in this divorce?

summer mo re:

love pure have to hold any impurities, because trust as thin as paper, because trust between each other once puncture, is hard to recover.

are you think wife cannot see through, think she is not true, because you love her, she will be the best show in front of your eyes, you’ve never fathom her sincerely, didn’t see her faults. Beautiful you love her, love her, love her appearance, her love for you side, love is somewhat superficial. So, when you see her real nature, you will can’t accept her true side.

your wife, to marry you, are reluctant to adopt the father, even won’t let him to attend her wedding. Visible, in her heart, she does not love his adoptive father, she is even a girl doesn’t appreciate. Her inner vanity and selfish, for their own little happiness, become indifferent and cold-blooded.

now that you have been married, don’t rush to divorce, but to give each other some time, to see the real her, to go to accept, to observe. If you can accept the real her, give her a chance, also give their marriage another chance. Don’t blindly divorce, in order to avoid and regret in the future.

like in love, to a positive business your marriage. Maybe, her heart is kind, only has been in the wrong way to love her. If that, in the end, you feel you become strangers, couples no road back to the past, so when you consider divorce is not late again.