4 year old son derailed prick her mother-in-law

son childhood mowgli prick her mother-in-law derailed things (canopy image: creative)

net friend letter:

summer teacher hello, my husband and I married more than a decade, daughter 9 years old son 4 years old, with her mother-in-law has been bad, we often quarrel she also often I to my husband, the husband surface would be standing to his mother there, don’t pass doors he will admit to me will coax I what all listen to me, so I also can’t with her mother-in-law care about anything. But her mother-in-law don’t think so, she is just getting married too lazy to say that I didn’t get up to cook, housework at home are said to her a person to do but I sleep late everyday, who saw all say I’m not, also said I don’t go to work (before marriage husband said keep I don’t let me go out to work), a spendthrift, I buy YiLiangBaiKuai snacks home she saw the people say I am going to eat a year more than two thousand dollars of snacks, anyhow is various abandon to me.

my husband pay check on my hand, she is not very at ease, also let my husband to take that from me in the past. Once my husband and I fight back to the bride’s family, she also forced my husband to my home to want to pay check, lest I give money to spend. Her temper is very big, once she saw home from dance bowl chopsticks, is a complain to me. Explanation is called the husband I wash the husband forgot to play games, her mother-in-law said that I will know that bully her family & hellip; & hellip; A little bit big thing she can bring about. My husband help me to wash the coat he saw this, she was so angry I poured out my clothes into the trash can! From then on, I called my husband gave me I have to do things secretly, feel in the home not status! My father-in-law said don’t talk in the home, feel he has always been her oppression at home did not say, what all listen to my mother-in-law, this home has been is mother-in-law in charge, I married changes nothing at all.

in the last year, I found her mother-in-law seems to have someone outside, I have said these things to my husband, and then my husband one track-minded unexpectedly ran to ask my mother-in-law to have it? My mother-in-law asked my husband if I made a communal, just this once she yell bloody murder to get well known, and I said the daughter-in-law will know that bully her, go looking for trouble all day from then on her mother-in-law things I don’t care. Mother-in-law ate dinner will go out to dance every day, sometimes take grandson out (she has a particular preference for sons, just like my son don’t like my daughter).

recently, father-in-law 60 birthday, relatives for his birthday. Sister-in-law let my son to a talent show, and then all laugh at him and grandma go out square dance, let he one. A few who know him wriggle, refused to jump, then said 1: grandma and grandpa that dancing in the room all don’t let me see, I can’t jump! Her sister-in-law’s face suddenly sank, watched the situation under the wrong I quickly choked with son, where did he shout of say: mom you choke me stem what ah? Mother-in-law caught out of the room, she hurriedly explained: I went to Mr Zhao that take you little guys don’t understand don’t listen to his nonsense! The younger son very impatient shout a sentence: the grandpa grandma kiss! They danced and kiss & hellip; & hellip; Younger son words haven’t say that finish, father-in-law suddenly stood up and fought like her mother-in-law, account to her, we all thought that father-in-law would never say anything at home playing her mother-in-law, so a good birthday party turned into a farce!

then my mother-in-law to death to live, I sent my son say, said I want to kill her! I and mother noisy up, I can’t stand injustice, but my husband unexpectedly pull me to the room let me admit it, I mean is to hold the bag for her mother-in-law a stairs, I was mad at don’t agree with, so I also pick up things back to the bride’s family with two children,, however, accept my mother-in-law don’t let the husband, I really don’t know what to do. Would you please give me give an idea.