18 years younger wife let me not be at ease

wife let me not be at ease

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wang hello! My wife is smaller than I am 18 years old, this paragraph of time the old and the two smaller than her man sing to dinner, the two men are often come to my house to buy guests. The key is she didn’t tell me the truth, the old saying go with female colleagues, since no matter why want to cheat me ah, I’m a little think impassability. Our relationship is very good, more than ten years not quarrelling. Because in the mind very depressed recently, teacher wang, please help me a solution! Thank you so much!

expert reply:

I think, don’t quarrel, is a sign of harmony. Is not necessarily the connotation of harmony. The way: goodwill. In line with the aesthetic of the Chinese traditional marriage. However, respectful s has in the past, in the high pressure of competition of the modern society, parental too difficult.

this you gave me the letter way: more than ten years not quarrelling, really not easy. I think, she younger than you 18 years old, you must. Those who always obey her, and now, she often and two young men together, you can’t stand & ndash; & ndash; Humility is not over. It is true that you are jealous, are you afraid of small 18 she cheating or you run with other people.

the husband and wife again good, humility is also measured. She challenged your degrees, at the same time, she was out of line, also shows that you have a lot to her for more than a decade of humility! More often than not, took a little a lot of women in their man, in the life is this: one is everywhere always obey her, Another kind is everywhere show her everything.

I believe that you are the former majority; Although, the latter will also be some, however, and another man hanging out together in this matter, it is hard to accept your advice. In fact, how to get along with the opposite sex, it is the difficulties in the relationship. You two years no quarrelling, must have not met the difficulties.

I advise you, don’t be jealous, since she is play with two young men, usually it isn’t a big circle, however, you must be worried about her is one of the more favorable. There is no perfect life, to find the little oneself wife, 18, is going to put up with her heterosexual contact problem, because, a woman to grow up sooner or later, it is impossible to live in the husband like a fathers wings, refused to grow up. But was having an affair, not a part of growing up.

what do you want to chat with her, don’t you have. Chat, even if the quarrel, also it doesn’t matter. Don’t quarrel as a disaster, you know, don’t make so much noise is not harmonious; Noisy, may also be noisy understood that the relationship will be better.