15 method allows you to easily capture the women

just started dating, I believe that many girls will play some tricks, such as & other; Pretend don’t care to him, see if he will take the initiative to find me & throughout; . Although this trick innocuous, but the love like beating around the bush, easier than the direct displays of affection? Actually likes a person does not need so complicated:

1. If you do like TA, don’t pretend to

like is like, if you be shy or reserved and crustily skin of head to deny oneself to like each other, why bother? Fall in love again not play guessing game, you don’t speak out your mind, the other is unlikely to know what you are thinking. Nearby several friends is like this water, clearly love each other, but don’t admit, disclosed killing of sweet, sweet, too, the result is, of course, to the mouth of the fresh meat so ran ah.

2. Don’t omit steps date

, know the first time, dating is a method that the easiest way to cultivate the feelings of every time the two saw each other, can further understand each other’s preferences, interests, personality, etc., don’t too lazy to go out (your house you deserve it) or other reasons, don’t make time dating each other. Remember, feelings is to cultivate together, just want to others around you, you stay put, what a suck you single & hellip; & hellip;

3. Don’t put the feelings of the past failure, become a stumbling block to the future relationship

unless you are childhood friends together, otherwise everyone will experience feelings of failure, don’t let these bad memories as an excuse for blocking your happiness, who is to do a tsundere so you see? If you don’t give chance to others, how can we know each other is Mr. Right?

4. If you want to have a unique love, don’t change their mind easily

don’t see what others have, in their own & other; The ideal man listing & throughout; Add a. For others may not suit you, half-hearted results are often draw water with a sieve. And you don’t forget that the ideal is always very plump, reality is skinny.

5. Don’t need to care about what others think

to fall in love just to talk, why do you want to mind other people gossip? You are not the little girl just enter adolescence, the way you have your own love, have their own method of the pursuit of happiness, why care about around town? At the same time, it is impossible to please everyone, you don’t need to worry about this.

6. Don’t because of lonely just to fall in love

the love let us to pursue happiness, rather than fill the lonely heart and body. In order to & other; No single & throughout; To fall in love, what is a selfish, using someone else’s behavior. When you use people won’t feel a burst of emptiness inside? Don’t open a relationship with such a sad way, the final will be very bitter.

7. Don’t be afraid to get to know each other, know each other a relationship start

a person you like, of course, all want to know about each other, this is not a matter worthy of shy. In the face of exploring, you don’t need to be timid, all let nature take its course. If you are embarrassed to ask, can ask his friends, love is to rely on their own efforts and strive for to.

8. Know how to respect each other

we often hang love and respect each other in the mouth, but have you really do it? Like a person must first respect him, rather than the possession of him, and bound him, respect is the first step to open the trust.

9. Playing with feelings? You can see the

if you just hold each other because of selfish reasons, not because they like each other and keep his word, the relationship may not last. Both of them are not happy, and can expect this affection how long?

10. If you have like to go to pursue, don’t put limits on yourself

don’t miss oneself the so-called ideal listing! If everything can be conducted in accordance with their own plans and desires, in the world which come down it & hellip; & hellip; Follow your feeling, like is like, why self-handicapping?

11. It is good to be yourself, don’t be afraid of saying the wrong thing

some people have more inarticulate, such is water & hellip; & hellip; But it doesn’t matter, after all the sweet words you never pay more sincerity and honesty, so if you miss each other, just contact him directly.

12. Don’t try so hard to have sex, can slowly to

this kind of thing it’s really hard to steer itself, but to be honest, before is not familiar with each other, do you really trust uh-huh sigh and honest with each other?

13. Don’t let the other side to be jealous intentionally

believe that everyone has done intentionally let the other side to be jealous, to test whether each other sincerely, this is children play tricks, once the self-defeating, the consequences will be severe.

14. Don’t miss each other because a preconceived to

believe me, after you meet of the person you like, the in the mind of that & other; The ideal man listing & throughout; Would have disappeared. Why buy several boring conditions and miss each other?

15. You are young, every date is a learning

this sentence to take in my heart. Each one date is our emotional life of the road, not as long as the intention to pay sincerely, to experience the feelings of others, also want to try to think of each other, believe that everyone can experience something different in the process of dating.