12 years of marriage she had divorced 4 times, revealing the child own than her husband, her husband is still don’t agree

married 12 years,

she citing relationship,

4 times on court divorce,

even 2014

she told her husband in court,

their daughter is not his own

& hellip; & hellip;


but he still insisted on raising a daughter,

and that relationship is not broken,

don’t agree to divorce.

she so & other; Cold as rude & throughout; ,

he is so & other; Deep YiHou & throughout;

between them, what happened?

(network was illustrated by)

the wife has always insisted on divorce

until July 2017, his wife sued again. This time, was hurt her husband, if she insist on divorce, must be compensation for spiritual damages, child support costs, as well as the total cost 70 ten thousand yuan when they get married. The fault, the wife thinks, committed before marriage, don’t agree to compensation.

court sentencing for?

in the end, the jiangsu province suzhou huqiu district people’s court made a ruling according to law, and granted a divorce, daughter raised by the plaintiff and the defendant no longer costs of raising. Return the plaintiff defendant has to pay child support, and mental damages of a total of 140000 yuan.

the story a little abuse heart 1

— — — the woman:

married, I have been pregnant! 2

– man:

refuse to do paternity test, a great affection for her daughter and wife & hellip; & hellip; Little red

the plaintiff and the defendant jia (a pseudonym) for acquaintance introduced rapidly after fall in love, married in November 2005. Only about six months later, the daughter of small hin was born. Since then, jia started working outside, husband and wife together from much less. By July 2014, the small red felt the lack of communication both sides of husband and wife relationship gradually weak, hence they rented together with daughter away from home. And her husband separated, appealed to the court for a divorce, little red said, would have been very hasty marriage, two people do not have emotional foundation. A trial for the first time, the little red more in front of her husband, said his hide the fact that her daughter is not his own.

& other; In court stated her daughter is not my own, I am very hurt. Throughout the &; But jia resolute don’t agree to divorce, also don’t want to do paternity tests. He said he had a great affection for her daughter and wife, for the integrity of the family, and their parents and daughter of the family, still trying to save the marriage, tending daughter.

the court said

the defendant after learned that daughter and there is no blood relationship expression still insist on raising my daughter, and said the relationship does not burst, can save, don’t agree to divorce. Visible to the defendant for her daughter’s love is sincere, and also sincerely hope that husband and wife, hence no divorce judgment.

since then, the plaintiff in April 2015 and March 2016 Sue to the court to divorce the defendant were judgments are not allowed to divorce.

finally left

rehash the woman, the man refused to compensate

three degrees after the verdict, little red’s relationship with jia had the slightest change, both sides are still living, and may, the relationship completely broken, and so the plaintiff to the court again in July 2017 divorce proceedings, to raise her daughter.

this time, the defendant jia in court statement:

& other; The plaintiff and the motivation and purpose of my wedding is not pure, at that time our family in demolition, she conceived again, and the plaintiff is isolated. If the plaintiff and not mine, I said a child early that we won’t get married. And after marriage I economically the many to the plaintiff. Throughout the &;

today, if the plaintiff insists on divorce, required by the defendant to compensation for mental damages of 100000 yuan; Must compensate for my daughter from birth to nine years of raising fees when separation; As well as the materials, including CAI li, the original, the defendant when the expenditures; Three a total of 700000 yuan.

the wife:

for her daughter’s support, the plaintiff offered according to the standard of compensation, but for other costs, although the plaintiff denied born out of wedlock female of fact, it is caused by the plaintiff before marriage mistakes, not to the 46th item in marriage law divorce wrong behavior, the plaintiff think don’t need to pay for it.

the other find out, in November 2017, during the trial, upon application of the plaintiff, the presence of parent-child relationships between the defendant and her daughter, according to the identification of jia is the biological father of the little hin.


huqiu court thinks, husband and wife should be faithful to each other, respect each other. In the original, the defendant during the period of love, the plaintiff has sexual relations with others to pregnant, to hide the truth and the defendant to marry and live together for more than ten years. Now the plaintiff to Sue asked for many times to fall and the defendant divorce and separation life for three years, has not reconciled, the court confirmed the original, the accused of husband and wife mutual affection has to the plaintiff and the defendant divorce lawsuit, support.

raising a daughter 9 years for defendants to the plaintiff claims of the cost of raising questions, the defendant and small hin neither parent-child relationships, and there was no artificial father-daughter relationship of law, thus the defendant cannot decide their duty, and the fact the defendant had fulfilled their duty to its, paid a certain amount of maintenance, the defendant asked the plaintiff now return relationship duration pay child support should be supported.

about return amount, time of birth, both sides should be based on small hin marriage life together during the existence of time and combined with local actual consumption levels, with reference to the 2006 year to 2014 year in suzhou urban residents per capita consumer spending and other factors, the court, as appropriate, to confirm that the plaintiff should be returned the defendant has to pay the maintenance of a total of 90000 yuan.


violation & other; Throughout & disgraceful consideration; Should compensate

on the issue of the spiritual damages, suzhou huqiu district people’s court hearing the case ShaoNianTing Pan Jiangsheng the judge pointed out that in this case the plaintiff premarital sex with others after pregnancy, and no real situation, truthfully inform the defendant violated the marital loyalty duty, in violation of & other; Throughout & disgraceful consideration; Personality, reputation, make the defendant, the heart injury, to this, the plaintiff has fault, shall be submitted to the compensation for mental damages of the defendant. And get married for the defendant asked the plaintiff claims the other charge, because of the original, the defendant have been married for more than ten years, there is no the accused said & other The isolated & throughout; Situation, and the defendant has failed to provide evidence for its reasonable proposition, so the court does not support the allegations.